Galletti specializes in modular cold climate 2-pipe air-to-water heat pumps, designed for efficient operation even in colder climates. These innovative units feature four water connections, handling both chilled water production and hot water through total heat recovery modes.

Flow Environmental Systems

Flow Environmental Systems specializes in commercially viable and environmentally responsible HVAC&R technologies. Their CO₂ Heat Pump stands out for its efficiency, wider ambient temperature range, and quick payback. It utilizes natural CO₂ as a refrigerant, ensuring both heating and cooling … Continued


Enertech Energy Technology, a leading provider in the field, specializes in innovative packaged heat pump systems. Their offerings include both ground-source and water-source heat pumps. Notably, their Advantage Air-to-Water Heat Pump combines radiant heating, forced air cooling, and domestic hot … Continued


EBARA Pumps Americas Corporation specializes in providing packaged pump systems for various applications, including municipal wastewater and commercial settings. Their submersible pump solutions, such as the EP1 Packaged Pump System, are designed to be customizable and efficient for lift station … Continued


California Dynamics Corporation (CALDYN), based in Los Angeles, California, has been a trusted provider of quality seismic protection for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) industries since 1966. Their offerings include springs isolators, rails, structural steel frames, bases, vibration pads, … Continued

Amiad Water Systems

Amiad Water Systems, with over 57 years of experience, is a world pioneer in water treatment and filtration solutions. They produce a comprehensive range of water filtration systems for irrigation and industrial applications. Their expertise extends to automatic self-cleaning filters, … Continued

Advance Industrial Refrigeration

Advance Industrial Refrigeration (AIR), founded in 2008 and located in Augusta, Georgia, is a full-service manufacturer of HVAC equipment. They specialize in designing and building robust equipment for industrial processes, prioritizing reliability and minimizing downtime. AIR’s offerings include air conditioning … Continued

AC Fire Pumps

AC Fire Pump, a division of Xylem US, specializes in providing comprehensive fire protection solutions for industrial and commercial facilities. Their product range includes split case fire pumps, in-line fire pumps, end-suction fire pumps, and more. AC Fire Pump’s space-saving designs … Continued

Sussman Electric Boilers

Sussman Electric Steam Boilers has more than 100 years of engineering experience.  They specialize in electric steam boilers for sterilization in the healthcare and laboratory services markets, where stringent requirements are essential.  They are also leaders in markets such as, … Continued

Power Flame Inc.

Power Flame is an innovate and forward-thinking manufacturer of gas, oil, and other fuel burners designed for commercial, industrial, and process applications.  Blackmore and Glunt represents the Eastern Missouri, Central and Southern Illinois territories.