The Early Years

Joseph J. Blackmore started his career in business in 1935 after graduating from the University of Illinois. He was a manufacturers’ representative for Bell & Gossett, McDonnell & Miller, and Dole Valve Co. His family had been associated with the heating industry for many years. His grandfather was a charter member of ASHVE and was one of the founders of the United States Radiator Corp. His father was also a member of ASHVE and served as vice-president of manufacturing of US Radiator Corp.

Joe Blackmore spent his early years selling the merits of his company’s products over competitors’. As his own experience grew, he conducted numerous training programs for distributors, contractors, and industrial users concerning design and installation of residential and commercial heating systems.

Material shortages during World War II limited the distribution of basic heating and plumbing equipment to repairs and replacements that had government priority approval. Industrial applications of existing products, along with development of new centrifugal pumps, heat exchangers, valves and controls, provided new sales opportunities.

With the increased demand for new homes for returning World War II veterans, Joe Blackmore became the radiant heat pioneer that architects, engineers, contractors, and developers looked to for guidance.

Following his military service and graduation from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Gordon Glunt joined the company as a salesman in 1948 with responsibility to work closely with contractors and consulting engineers. Two years later, Blackmore and Glunt was incorporated.

Blackmore and Glunt Logo

Expansion and Development

By the early 1950’s, a building program consisting of new schools, universities, churches, hospitals, and commercial buildings presented opportunities to encourage designers to utilize hot and chilled water for heating and cooling systems. Blackmore and Glunt grew quickly by developing the support of loyal engineers, contractors, and end-users by providing superior products, system application knowledge, educational programs, and field service.

In 1960 Tanner Compton transferred from St. Louis to open a Blackmore and Glunt office in Kansas City. Blackmore and Glunt built a new office/warehouse building in Lenexa, KS in 1981.

Roland Brumitt started our industrial department by providing direct contact with a growing group of industrial users of pumps, heat exchangers, controls, and industrial piping products.

Gordon Glunt followed Joe Blackmore as company President and served as the first President of the ITT (now Xylem, Inc.) Fluid Handling Representatives Association.

Don Hicks led the development of a municipal sales division, supported by additional product lines including large waste and water supply pumps and variable speed controls. Originally called Progress Pump Company and later Progress Environmental Corporation, that division was sold in 2002.

Blackmore and Glunt purchased the ITT Fluid Handling Sales office located in Cincinnati, OH in 1985. Don Hicks transferred there and opened a new office with a warehouse.

The United States government issued numerous patents to Joe and Cy Blackmore and Gordon and John Glunt for devices to control air and other gases and for fittings and valves used in piping systems. Scott Blackmore assisted in the design of the eVap product. Bell & Gossett and Flow Conditioning Corporation have manufactured and distributed the resulting products worldwide.

Blackmore and Glunt has been a strong supporter of ASHRAE. Joe Blackmore and Gordon Glunt both were Fellows and Life Members of ASHRAE Society. Past Presidents of the St. Louis chapter of ASHRAE are Don Hicks (1973-1974), Cy Blackmore (1980-1981), Jim Cubbage (1989-1990), Bill Stobbs (1997-1998), Scott Blackmore (2004-2005), and Robert Glunt (2013-2014). Peter Skelly served as President of the Cincinnati chapter from 2010-2011. Joe Blackmore served as the St. Louis chapter President of ASHVE (ASHRAE precursor) from 1958-1959.

The second generation of Blackmores and Glunts oversaw the company from 1985 until 2019. Joe Blackmore’s son, Cy, followed Gordon Glunt as company President from 1985-1999. Gordon’s son, John, served as President from 1999-2019.


The third generation of Blackmores and Glunts now manage the day to day operations of the company. Cy Blackmore’s son, Scott, currently serves as President. John Glunt’s older son, Robert, currently serves as CFO and Vice President of Operations. John’s younger son, James, is an Outside Salesperson.

We are excited as we prepare the fourth generation! Scott’s son, Cy III, will be joined the company in 2021 as an Outside Salesperson and has been invaluable as we have modified our facilities and capabilities to keep up with growth.

In 2023, Blackmore and Glunt, Inc. acquired responsibility for distribution of many products in Colorado and Wyoming and retained most employees from the former representative in that market.

We are proud of our tradition and history. We look forward to providing leadership in the industry for many generations to come.