Pexgol, a division of Golan Plastic Products, is a global leader in heavy-duty PE-Xa pipe material. These pipes are produced under high pressures and temperatures, resulting in a chemically unbreakable cross-connection between polyethylene chains. Pexgol’s material exhibits exceptional structural integrity … Continued


Panasonic’s cold climate air source heat pumps are designed to thrive in chilly weather. These pumps include mini splits, ductless heat pumps, and ducted heat pumps. With a robust warranty and the ability to operate efficiently even in extreme temperatures … Continued

Olimpia Splendid

Olimpia Splendid, a pioneer in innovative HVAC solutions, offers the Maestro Pro Inverter 12 HP, a cutting-edge air conditioner and heat pump. Remarkably, it operates without an outdoor unit, making it ideal for spaces where aesthetics matter. With a cooling … Continued

Nostromo Cooling Global Warming

Nostromo Energy combats global warming with its innovative IceBrick™ thermal energy storage system. By freezing water during off-peak hours using surplus solar energy or inexpensive electricity, the system creates modular ice cells. During the day, these cells thaw, providing abundant … Continued


Nordic’s water-to-water heat pumps are highly efficient geothermal systems that transfer heat between water sources. These versatile units can extract heat from the ground via wells or ground loops and distribute it for in-floor radiant heating in residential or light … Continued

Naked Energy

High-K heat exchangers are unique gasketed shell and tube heat exchangers that have revolutionized heat transfer for over three decades. Unlike conventional designs, they allow isolation of the system side, enabling tube servicing and cleaning without shutdown. These specialized exchangers … Continued


High-K Heat Exchangers is a company that provides gasketed shell and tube heat exchangers that are designed to transfer heat efficiently. These heat exchangers are unique in that they have the ability to isolate the system side, allowing for easy … Continued


Hyfab specializes in providing complete, energy-efficient hydronic and plumbing packages. Their offerings include pre-engineered solutions for pumping, air separation, and hydronic heating systems. Additionally, they design Heat Transfer Packages that are UL 3rd-party approved. Furthermore, Hyfab offers modular mechanical rooms … Continued


Holby Valves, established since 1930, specializes in water tempering valves and mixing valves. Their innovative products allow precise control of mixed water temperature between 120°F and 200°F, preventing scalding and ensuring safety. Additionally, they offer solutions for legionella detection devices, … Continued


GREE, a leading manufacturer of air conditioning systems, offers a range of cutting-edge solutions. Their VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems excel in cold climates, providing efficient heating and cooling. Additionally, they specialize in heat pumps, heat recovery, indoor air handling … Continued